Nipple Grips Power Grip 4 Point Weighted Nipple Press – Black


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Power Grip 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press. Explore elevated sensation with the 2 fully adjustable multi use clamps, screw down 4-point press, and teasing weights. Reach new levels of playful pleasure in the screw-down 4-point press with fully adjustable screws covered in a power grip Silicone-cote. Clamp the naughty clasps to the nipple or anywhere on the body and enjoy every rush of pain and pleasure with every tug or swing of the weights. The teasing clamp has fully adjustable 4 points of tension to stimulate anywhere on your body for playful teasing. As the tension tightens, the tingles intensify with every turn of the screw for the ultimate in nipple stimulation toys. These easy-to-use nipple teasers are great for him, her, or them.

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